Social Security

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Avoid the social Security Claiming Mistakes
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  • Discover how changes made since 2015 are still affecting Social Security claims today.
  • Learn ways to avoid common Social Security mistakes, and ways to optimize your benefits.
  • Understand how Social Security’s lifetime income should integrate with your retirement income plan.
  • Learn how Social Security will be taxes and how to reduce or even eliminate some taxes.

Want to learn how to optimize your Social Security Income?

This event will answer your most pressing questions!

  • Understand the massive changes from 2015 (and the 5 changes in 2017)
  • Discover creative strategy and timing methods to get the most from your hard-earned benefits
  • Learn how Social Security income works (even if you continue working after claiming)
  • Find out how much you give-up if you choose to take benefits early
  • How your benefits may be affected if you have a pension through the state or federal government
  • Identify additional spousal benefit opportunities (even if you’ve been divorced) 
  • What the Social Security “deeming provision” is (and how to be prepared for more changes)
  • Why the “file and suspend” strategy was eliminated (and how to optimize benefits NOW)
  • How we can provide you a custom Social Security benefit report (that analyzes your family’s benefits, shows you all the benefits you’re eligible for, and identifies an optimal strategy)

Meet the Speaker

About Us

Larry Snyder, President V.S.S. Financials

Larry Snyder is the Founder and President of V.S.S. Financials located in New Port Richey, Florida. Larry who has been working in the industry for well over 33 years is no stranger to the financial services business. He has specialized in working with retirees and those individuals planning for retirement. His effort is focused on protecting his client’s principal and assets, insuring that their money lasts throughout his or her retirement. V.S.S Financial emphasizes on helping its clients increase their income and avoid the common mistakes that most retirees make. Larry has sponsored hundreds of senior workshops over his 33-year career. These workshops explain to seniors how they may avoid financial pitfalls, how to increase their income as well as lower their taxes. Larry has hired and trained over 700 representatives in many states including Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia to understand the most important problems that seniors will face about their retirement.

Larry is a big believer in ethical treatment and professionalism in his business. He is old fashioned and believes in the bond a handshake makes and the honesty of a promise. You can count on Larry to always be truthful in his words and actions!

Larry lives here in New Port Richey, Florida with his wife of 42 years, Elaine. They enjoy living here and love spending time with their five children and are happy grandparents of seven grandchildren.